Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lent Bible Challenge | Day 27
March 27
Luke 11:29-54

Jesus pronounces "woes" - warnings about spiritual hypocrisy, or what I'd call anti-faithful or anti-spiritual living. Woes or warnings, that still are equally valid and contextually pertinent for us today. What's amazing to me about the Jesus story, and the season of Lent - is the message that we most know and experience God not in victory, or as the old guy with lightning bolts in the clouds, but as the suffering servant, as the God willing to come and dwell among us, to die with and for us, to show us love in a costly, risky, life-transforming way. We are challenged and invited to not merely believe through Christ or in Christ - but to live as Christ - to make his values and ethos our own.

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