Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lent Bible Challenge | Day 25
March 25
Luke 10:25-37

Well known, this passage I fear is one we often overlook or take for granted, reading it with token lip service. The anonymous man asks the question "who is my neighbor?" in an insincere effort to appear sincere, righteous and socially conscious. The story is a challenge - those that should be holy and righteous - by birth, the "right" ethnicity, religious practice and standing are selfish, while the one who is from the wrong side of the tracks in terms of ethnicity, language, people and religion is the one that does God's will. It's so challenging that the "expert" in the law can't say the word Samaritan out loud - it's just too despicable. So he strategically answers "the last one." Where are we also trapped in such tokenism in terms of spiritual expertise? Where are we trapped in boxes that prevent us from recognizing the universal search for God's presence, and unexpected participation in making God's will visible and reality through actions?

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