Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lent Bible Challenge | Day 14
March 12
Luke 6:27-42

Perhaps the most difficult challenge of Jesus. What does universal love - of all people - cost? look like? It's not loving everything, we're called to resist to come into conflict with forces, groups or systems that confront and seek to subvert and undermine the will of God (for all to know the depth, freedom and power of peace established through justice). And we are called to love all persons. Osama bin Laden? Bernard Madoff? Putin? Hilter? Easy theoretical cases for us to reflect upon. But what happens when the rubber hits the road....that annoying neighbor? that difficult work colleague? that judgmental person who gets under your skin in your faith community? It's a call to radical love of all persons - friends and ennemies, supporters and adversaries, easy and challeging. Ironic that in loving so we often are changed as we learn to love. It's both a challenge and a commitment. What happens to us when we seek to love someone who is an ennemy?

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