Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lent Bible Challenge | Day 12
March 10
Luke 6:1-16

The pharisees oppose Jesus because he's not following tradition: the popular (or maybe just their) interpretation of the Torah commandments about what Sabbath rest/worship means. Jesus challenges their take on the practice of sabbath rest from work as not just time off but rather a way to worship God in our rest and renewal. The problem is that they thought that observation of rules and regulations should be priveleged over people: no exceptions. Jesus turns them and the situation on their heads - saying that it's first about people - even the Sabbath or worship of God - is relational before regulatory. He then goes on to calls disciples to himself, those that will follow him, who untraditionally - even anti-traditionally - including not just pious Jews but also Zealots (revolutionary faction members) and Greek-named men.

How often do I - do we - get bogged down with the baggage of tradition and our intrepretation of it, focusing on rules and regulations as opposed to relationships and people? Isn't that what radical resurrecting faith in Christ is about - setting us free to live for and with God?

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