Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Chocolates:
it's edible but should you eat it?

I got this chocolate cross for Easter. I guess it's the chocolate bunny version for pastors?! Of course I'm not sure if I can, or should eat it - it is sacrilegious? a bit too much to make the symbol par excellence of torture in the ancient world into a mass-sold-at-Target chocolate snack? Hmmmmm. At least it's not a crucifix with Jesus on it. I checked on their website and they're sold out if you want to stock up. Who would have known?


Corn Dog said...

I'm laughing but that is totally outrageous. At least it is not a chocolate Jesus with nails in his feet and hands. Maybe we can eat the Holy Trinity now?

Monte said...

You find it and I'll bring the latte to drink with it!

Monte said...

Ruth told me of another cool online site that sells Bible related toys, dolls, etc. - worth checking out