Saturday, March 15, 2008

Reading Large Chunks of Scripture
Day 7/15
Mark 8:1-9:1

This chunk is the beginning of the larger central chunk section of Mark. It confronts the question that Mark is teasing out in his re-telling of the Jesus experience. Who do you say that Jesus is?

It's a weird one. Peter the curve-breaking, uber-achieving disciple, goes to the blackboard with his answer and not only fails miserable but is shamed for his answers. Jesus is not who we want him to be. Jesus is who he is called to be. He's called to lead not to make us fell better, to justify a regime, to legitimize a worldview, to regime change by installing a new one. He's about something deeper, bigger, more foundational than merely a cosmetic coup d'etat, cultural tweak, or composing the more recent "How To" best-seller. It's about a new way of living - that though we can "get" it is always beyond us. "those who want to live must lose their life. If you want to be one of my disciples, take up your cross and follow me."

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