Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reading Large Chunks of Scripture
Day 3
Mark 3:13-4:41

I'm struck in reading this chunk by the power and purpose of Jesus. He's all about life - living true life - which flows not from the clan we belong to but to the way that we make God's priorities reality in our words, actions, rest and relationships. What does it mean that the disciples themselves - the closest friends of Jesus - don't know who he is when they're with him in the boat? Was it not clear? Were they just stupid? Did they expect something else?

In my own life I think I'm most often like those sea-sickened disciples, failing to recognize the presence of God around me because I'm looking for something different, something I can quantify, or more often control. How might things be different if it was more about letting God happen then doing all to stop &*$# from happening?


Corn Dog said...

LOL - "Were they just stupid?"

Monte said...

I think they were, but even more to the point I think they were just "human." It's so real that I can imagine it as if I did it myself. (Oops! Did I say that out loud?)