Friday, March 07, 2008

Is Oakland's Dimond District the NEW Rockridge?

I met Corn Dog for coffee today at Peet's in the Dimond District (my favorite Oakland Cafe). When I arrived she told me of a passerby who had just asked her when the Dimond had gotten so nice. While having coffee we saw a mutual friend who is co-owner of the local store Paws & Claws as well as president of the Dimond Merchants' Association. We saw other folks that we knew and are instrumental in the neighborhood ranging from other merchants, to the homeless folks we know, to the UPS guy that serves our hood. It's a small village in the midst of the city of Oakland. Ruth told us while we hung out that she recently saw a man wearing an advertising poster board for a store located in Jack London Square (on the other side of town) hanging out - or publicizing -in front of that same Peet's store. When asked why, he responded that his employers had heard it's the place to be. Then at a meeting tonight a friend Debbie mentioned that we should meet at La Farine to hang out, sharing to the other members of the group with were with that the Dimond is the new Rockridge. Maybe she's right?

Here's some photos of the Dimond that came up when I googled it. Thought it was interesting to see what's in the first hits.

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Corn Dog said...

Love the cubist slide show.

I love that. "We're the new Rockridge." Hey, I didn't even have to move, AND we already know everybody.

Thanks for the frappy green tea. It was delicious.