Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reading Large Chunks of Scripture
Day 2
Mark 2-3:12

Jesus continues healing physical brokeness, and expands to challenging the brokeness of the world - including the excluded, showing mercy to those that haven't to others, subverting the powers that seem to be in control. He's talking about newness, a new thing that God is doing which comes at the cost of the old way of living, doing, being, and relating. Ironically Mark tells the story in a way that lifts up that those who most recognize the power of Jesus are those that have the most to lose.

I find myself wondering if I'm not the same way. I often don't recognize the power of God in my life and around us unless I have something to lose, or my world is "rocked." How might I - and when I say "I," I mean "WE" - lived in a more centered way, focused on the essential in the moment, the real in the shifting, being fully present in the chaos of daily life.


Corn Dog said...

I kind of disagree with you here. I think you do recognize the day to dayness of God. You told me yourself, the kids thank God for Polly Pockets. That says worlds. Doesn't sound like you have to be "rocked" to know your blessings.

I like these little scripture postings.

Monte said...

Now I'm the one LOL. Funny how it's so easy to forget, more likely overlook, those little the Polly Pockets...where God not only shows up but has been waiting for us to notice.

Glad you're enjoying the postings.....I'm having fun experimenting with the challenge to read and post about reading a book together....