Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Read the Bible Lent Challenge 2009

Lent starts tomorrow on Ash Wednesday. That means today is Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras - a day in which some folks traditionally eat donuts, pancakes and drink burbon to go crazy. I wonder what a donut dipped in burbon and wrapped in a pancake would taste like? Joking with friends all day today on facebook led me to discover this great little pancake song video on youtube that some creative person whipped up. Enjoy!

Each Lent I do a Read the Bible as Spiritual Practice challenge. It's my way of encouraging others to not just give something up for lent but to take something on. This year we'll read through the gospel according to Luke. Each day will have a video/photo and short 2 paragraph max blog about the passage for the day. It's every day until Easter (April 12th) - not counting Sundays. Starts tomorrow!

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