Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lent Bible Practice | Day 2
Luke 1:5-25

The first testimony story of transformation in Luke's gospel is one of an old faithful man who has given up on his dreams coming true. Zechariah's accepted the platitude not that bad things happen to good people, but rather "good things don't happen very often to good people." Visited by an unexpected angle|experiential vision of God, his world is turned upside down from unrealized dreams to radical hope, from faith to fear to skepticism. He's so disbelieving and question-asking that he can't accept or recognize what's already happening. Maybe I do the same thing. So quick to not necessarily doubt, more like never suspect, that something amazingly good and life-changingly hopeful is closer than right around the corner, maybe more like under my nose. In our age ruled by fear, skepticism and mistrust, can we see God's transformative presence in our lives, in our corrupted systems and often too unjust world?

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