Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lent Bible Practice | Day 1
For the Bible Practice Challenge I'm using Eugene Peterson's modernist translation/interpretation entitled The Message. The gospel account of the words, actions, relationships and death|resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth according to Luke, is just that. His retelling, through various conversations with eyewitnesses, of what happened. He writes because it impacts and transforms him. This is a story that changes those who hear it. Today we're often so absorbed with a scientific desire for positivist truth that's objective that we don't recognize the flip of that is self-centeredness in the sense that we don't want to engage other ideas or being engaged by them. Luke is writing to Theolophilus [Greek for Lover of God] - a real person and maybe us today too. It's a conversation, an encounter with a person we encounter through story and witness words of others. Often today we split hairs between truth and truthiness. But maybe truth isn't what you expect nor does it arrive when you expect it to? Luke is writing to say that truth is action, how when we enter into the story of Jesus we are changed, transformed and made whole.

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