Monday, February 23, 2009

The Facebook Song
New Music

I'm back from my vacation and settling back into my routine of seeming to work while blogging and connecting online. The past few days I've heard this new song "The Facebook Song" (that we first learned of from Uncle Lori - there's your shout out!)coming from the youtubed version of it on my iphone as my kids played with it while we drove around Los Angeles, the youngest singing "faceboooooooooook." It's been making its way all across the internet as well as across LA in our station wagon. Quite clever and my favorite new music of the week. Here it is. There's also a thoughtful - and quite funny - article in last week's Newsweek about Facebook Made Me Do It.


Elena said...

hahaah! amazing.

Monte said...

you should hear elodie sing it

Uncle Lori said...

Thanks, Monte. But completely unnecessary. Love, Uncle Lori