Friday, July 03, 2009

Best of the East Bay
Make Your Voice Heard

I received a link to the run-off E-election for the Best of the East Bay - in nearly every category - at East Bay Express. Loads of local haunts, shops and jaunts are on the list: in particular several of my favorite businesses and business people in the Dimond District. Voting closes on Sunday, July 5th. So you still have time to make your voice heard [poll link here: you have to answer at least 26 of the 100 or so questions...can take as little as 5 minutes].

1 comment:

dbanoff said...

I was only able to vote on 36 of the categories. The East bay Express obviously is aiming at a different demographic. At age 60 and married for 28 years, I have no idea where the best pick-up bar, gay bar, or college hangout would be!