Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Dimond Cafe
more than just a good cup of coffee

I spent the morning working at the Dimond Cafe this morning on Fruitvale, just below MacArthur next to WAMU. Great place. Good coffee. Nice free Wi-Fi connection (the only one in the Dimond) and great looking baked goods. I'd have eaten this baked on the premises cinnamon roll - but my pants already barely fit.

The crowd was a cool mix of the Dimond community - 3 bloggers (besides myself), older ladies talking about a Senior Traveling Cruise, the neighborhood UPS guy and young professionals on work breaks.
I'll be back.

Tomorrow night - Wed., April 23rd they're hosting a reception for local artist Rita Skylar and her Diversity in Dimond Park Painting Exhibit.


Corn Dog said...

Dimond Cafe has totally reinvented itself, hasn't it? It is the coolest hang out now. I went to Rita's Reception at Cafe Diem. She is a wonderful artist.

Monte said...

Cool for you that you got to go. I couldn't swing the reception at diem or at dimond cafe. i did like taking them in there though.

hey - we should hook up for a coffee there next week!?