Friday, April 11, 2008

5 Things Barbie Has Taught Me About Life

We went on a road trip to LA this past week. Our daughters watched movies up and down I-5, in particular Barbie Island Princess. I'm not sure that we should let them do so. Here's what I learned from the front seat listening to the movies over and over and over and..... Thank God my kids don't know that there is a Wii version of the movie! Don't tell them.

1. Your Step-Mother (or worse yet your potential Mother-in-Law) probably wants to: steal your tiara, steal your throne, steal your man, and/or kill you (or all of the above).

2. You might feel like a princess, and odds are you are one...but you probably were stolen as a child, cast overboard in a storm at sea, or you most likely have a lot of psychological baggage, but don't worry it won't surface until you and Ken (or whatever your prince's name is) start having kids.

3. Talking animal friends always help in a pinch.

4. Good hair is essential. If you have the right DNA is will just happen naturally every day.

5. Don't give up! Just when you're about to lose hope you'll discover: you actually are the queen, you actually have a family, you won't end up a lonely bitter old maid all alone with talking animals on a remote island, and/or you're actually rich so you won't have to wear the same (miraculously never dirty) dress for eternity.

Has anyone else learned any life nuggets from Barbie? If so, do share! I need all the help I can get.


Deep Thoughts from Deep Run said...

I know 3-5 to be true!! Especially #4 but that isn't a news flash!

Monte said...

It's the hair!