Tuesday, April 15, 2008

10 Things I love about Oakland 6::10 The Big Longs

I haven't been working to diligently on my top 10 list for Oakland and realized that the Big Longs has to be in the list. This is one of my favorite places - if not the best place - to shop in Oakland. This store has everything from Nefretiti statues to little Buddhas, from an amazing collection of Tiki Torches, to the best nursery in Oakland, from Twinkies to Organic produce. I love it! In shopping yesterday I took some photos to share the joy. If you've never been you should go! Turns out it's the 2nd biggest Longs in the Universe! WOW! Here's some reviews on Yelp

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Deep Thoughts from Deep Run said...

You are killing me! LOL!!!