Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Questions for going deeper with the Scriptures for Sunday, December 2nd
The First Sunday in Advent
Hope | the Prophets

Advent is the liturgical season or period marked by the four Sundays preceding Christmas.  In the Ancient Church it was a reflection of the season of Lent – a time of preparation, reflection and celebration before the feast of Easter (for Lent) and Christmastide (for Advent).  The word Advent comes from the Latin for coming, or arriving.  We celebrate Advent by special markers: the colors purple or blue and the Advent Wreath of 4 candles, one for each Sunday, culminating with the lighting of the Christ Candle (the 5th one) on Christmas.  It’s a concrete way for us to articulate the waiting that defines this season. 

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Questions for going deeper with the Scriptures for Sunday, November 11th         

This week has been filled to overflowing with talk of politics, partisanship, gridlock, decision-making and agenda-setting.  We see the unavoidable challenges before us that cannot be ignored away with a magic wand, or avoided until the solve themselves.  How do we do leadership as Christians?  The day after the election I heard CNN talking about how Protestants and Born-Agains voted for Romney while Catholics and people of color vote for Obama.  I doubt that things are that clear and simply categorized.  Maybe part of the reason for which we have such difficulty in our democracy regarding addressing the problems we face is that our media outlets play to the extremes, they like “good TV” – rather than speaking with bridge-builders and door-openers they focus upon fear mongerers and demagogues.