Monday, June 01, 2009

Ranting & Raving: Y es Hora!

I learned today about a move for Latinos to boycott the upcoming census [Oak Tribune article: Latino Activists decry Census Boycott].  Some are calling for a boycott, refusing to participate in something that is deemed racist.  Unfortunately it seems to be Christian Clergy advocating this: National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders.

The worst part for me seems to be the continuing perspective, that I can only call radically ignorant and privileged, that "People who have no right to be in this country should not be counted."  What is it about us that encases us into privilege, wanting to protect what we deem as our own rights at the expense of the rights of others, or the worldview that if someone else is counted, represented or protected it necessarily means that we will be losing something, or losing out on our piece of the pie?

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Corn Dog said...

I think the census is an invasion of privacy. I would love to not be counted. When I lived in another city they sent me the long form and when I refused to fill that out, they sent a person to the house. She was friendly enough and I tried to explain to her my beef was not with her. Then I closed the door in her face.