Monday, June 22, 2009

Mimosa Champagne Lounge
Uptown @ 2355 Broadway

Every time I go to work out at the YMCA in the past month or so I cross in front of an emerging new hot spot (or so it looks like through the windows) nearing completion in Uptown. Located at 2355 Broadway, at the corner of 24th and Broadway, it seems destined (as I hear through web chatter) to become the Mimosa champagne lounge - when and if it ever opens. The funny thing is that it's all set up on line to be reviewed on yelp, and seems to have been for some time, before even
ever opening. Maybe that's the future of e-construction and publicity these days. Of course if they never actually open the building it leaves a lot to be desired. Here's some pictures that I snapped today. They also have a blog they've been writing to promote the place:

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