Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Does anyone know what it all means?

I'm at a young clergy conference in Montreat, N.C. [Alt7] this week. Much dialog happened today about the changing world in which we are living, the future world that is emerging in the midst of our current context. Extrapolated to correlate to the role, purpose and style of the Presbyterian Church (let alone any church) can either be terrifying or exciting - or both - for people such as myself ordained, or called, or committed to working in the church, serving her here and now as pastors. What does it all mean for the future? Rapid change. Unsure futures. A majority of now dominant churches that will die with their members and the disappearance of the decreasing worldviews that they move in. The reality that most clergy positions will not be full-time, or like what we've been used to. In the end I'm left at the end of the day with our position: in times of change we grasp for the familiar, the easy the seemingly replicatable. Yet in change those are the very options that become obsolete, irrelevant and dangerous.

I received this video in an email today, it points out the rapidly changing things about our world asking the question: "does anyone know what it all means?" We all interpret that question according to our context. In wondering what it means for mine I'd have to guess that it means moving beyond what we know and do today, to risk practicing something different - not for different's sake - but with an experimental attitude about how we can address the rapidly changing, continually emerging and bifurcating world of old and familiar with new and untested. Maybe fear is the only option not to put on the table.

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