Monday, December 15, 2008

Online Advent Fun

Advent (the 40 days before Christmas marked by Four Sundays is my favorite time of year and what I find to be the poignant and meaning-making aspect of the Christian Church Calendar. It's a time for journeying, preparation, reflection and dreaming aloud and in community. I like it so much more than Christmas for it's more like life, journeying, waiting, walking and watching even in the darkness of despair and/or doubt. Plus it's just more fun because we get a playmobil advent calendar each year!

Here's some of my favorite links about advent if you're interested (great reflections, images, etc. about the lectionary texts proposed in Advent)

playmobil advent calendar options

build a creche (multilingual)

calendar (from the episcopal church with cool links about southern africa)

funny interactive calendar with prizes (funny)

interactive calendar (photo of the icon of the virgin and baby)

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