Friday, December 12, 2008

Life-Style Choices
which is more of one: sexual orientation or religion?

Jon Stewart had this great interview/dialogue with Mike Huckabee on Tuesday night that has been making the rounds on the internet and the blogosphere. The second half of the discussion addressed gay marriage and the traditional/Christian interpretation of what the word "marriage" means.  I found it quite insightful, and a sheer pleasure to watch two people who thoroughly disagree with one another, talk not just at each other, but with each other, recognizing that they don't agree, and that they won't come to some sort of miraculous unity after a polarizing debate.

Jon Stewart brought up an interesting retort using the language that Gov Hucakbee had used saying that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice.  Stewart responding with disagreement, and then by expressing his opinion that religious views or faith world-views seem to him to be the ultimate lifestyle choice.  Why then does the Christian establishment fight so vehemently to protect and preserve its identifying lifestyle choice of faith and then oppose what it considers to be another lifestyle choice as less than equal.  Following Jesus is a choice, an orientation (if you will).  You're not born one.  Maybe that's why so many Christians seem to doubt that sexuality is something were born with.  Maybe that's why so many people have left the church, or are terrified to go to it, because we claim some sort of predesitination-born-with-faith-holier-than-thou thing and yet give constant lip service to the idea that one can change, repent, convert and find a new life. There is a deep hypocrisy there, that the church community in general refuses to recognize or admit.

What do you think?  Watch the video.  It's good.

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