Monday, November 03, 2008

Jesus Freaks Out or 
Who Freaks Out for Jesus

I attended a Vote NO on Prop 8 peaceful vigil in the neighborhood in which I serve as pastor.  I decided to make my own sign, so I created one that read "Jesus Freaks Against Prop 8."  It took 3 people to hold it up.  Several asked me what it meant.  Some smiled in immediate recognition.  About 20 minutes into the vigil a middle-aged woman pulled up alongside me and started lecturing me that I should be "more tolerant.  Gay people should be more tolerant of religious people.  You should be more tolerant when YOU vote!" - then she screeched off in her tired out Toyota, trying to make it up the hill across from 7-11.  WHAT?  I didn't get what she was all about?  Did she think I was saying that "Jesus followers" are freaks?  Did she think that only freaks would vote against prop 8?  Or did she just think that I'm a freak?  She was so angry.  During her diatribe she looked at me so intensely that I almost wondered if she was medusa come to life in East Oakland.

What has pushed us to become so violent in the past days in terms of the election, in particular proposition 8?  To become so intolerant? - a reflection which troubles me, for I have no desire to be tolerant, to simply tolerate other people.  I want to enjoy them, to participate with them in community building, to learn to appreciate whatever gift they bring in our often-overwhelming diversity.  Maybe I am a freak?  Or maybe she just needed to get a Coke slurpee at 7-11 to recaffenate herself?


Sarah said...

You are weird at times but not a freak. I agree with you I don't like tolerance for me it implies endurance. I prefer that people appreciate the differences. If we could appreciate those who are different, that would make more sense. Of course, I don't know about the medusa from Oakland. I think she's in the "tolerate" column.

Monte said...

i'm glad we can happily endure each other's diversity :) should had you there holding the sign with me.