Monday, November 03, 2008

10 Things to Do
While You Wait to Vote on Tuesday

So I've heard non-stop the past few days about the long lines to expect on Tuesday, and the possibility to wisely go and vote early today to avoid the waiting. [yahoo news link] I've refused. I want to vote on Tuesday. I love the rush of going on election day, of participating in something bigger than me, of seeing all my neighbors serving as precinct workers - trying to not just get along but even work together - and I love getting that sticker and wearing it all day!

So I was thinking about 10 things that I (or you) could do to pass the waiting time on Tuesday.

10. Bring a snack to munch on while you wait: either chili (if you're for Obama) or ribs (if you're for McCain) [more online info]

9. Watch past SNL episodes to kill time on your iphone. [link]

8. Watch past Jon Stewart episodes on your hand-held in order to know how to vote. [link]

7. See how many Obama (or McCain) buttons you can covertly wear into the voting booth without being asked to take them off, or leave them outside. [Sacramento Bee Fashion Tips for Voting]

6. Look up the donation lists regarding proposition 8 in order to see if there are any neighbors in line that you can "out" for their political perspectives. [site] [spreadsheet].

5. Get a ticket, then go hunting using your personal helicopter while you wait for you number to be called.

4. Carry a chicken in a cage to see what response you get from others.

3. Read Twilight so that you're ready for the movie (coming out November 21st). [site]

2. Either try to post as many mobile upload photos of other peoples pre-filled out voting card help/cheat-sheets as you can to facebook - or - twitter with other people in the room.

1. Fill our your immigration application for permanent residency in Canada or France - just to be safe. [Canada] [France]

Anyone have any other tips?


Oz said...

Okay that was a cute list. I'll be bookmarking this and sharing with friends.

Elena said...

hahaha. THANK YOU. This is hilarious. I will be getting my Spain or Italy residency paperwork to have in my back pocket...just in case ;) I'll visit you in France...or Canada (?) if that's where you end up.

Lisa Mc said...

My brother says I MUST read "Twilight." So I will. But I already voted. Washington State and Oregon have mail-in ballots. Very convenient!