Monday, October 27, 2008

Faith & Politics

OK - am I harping on a living/dead horse?  I've been talking, preaching & blogging on this for the past 8 weeks.  And today the SF Chronicle Insight (editorial/opinion) section published a whole edition on faith and politics.

I think they're inseparable for me in terms of living as a person of faith.  Yet I also refuse to limit my faith perspective to focusing simply upon one issue: marriage, abortion, school vouchers, war, or stem-cell research.  I follow Jesus who was all about mercy, compassion, justice, inclusion and personal transformation and systemic salvation.  He didn't focus on only one issue, rather he opened all his action to a experiential reflection upon the breadth and depth of his perspective, faith and worldview.  I can only hope to do the same.  AND I don't want anyone else to force their religion upon me, whether Muslim, Buddhist, Atheistic, Catholic, Evangelical, or god forbid - Presbyterian! :)   What do you think?

Here's some great articles in today's Insight

Public Debate and The Quietly Religious (A different perspective on faith and politics other than the dominant evangelical/fundamentalist one).

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dbanoff said...

Wow! I wish this could get wider distribution.