Monday, October 13, 2008

Blogging Towards Sunday
October 12, 2008

Today's scripture in our on-going Jesus for President series is all about prayer (fasting is in essence about prayer and connection with God): the foundational space that serves as generational center of our actions, words, presence and relationships.  Jesus reminds his audience, who have been called to be agents of change in the world in the manner that salt brings taste, light brings clarity, and mustard brings healing and potency.  We all agree that we want change: wether we claim to be mavericks or admit we're part of the system.  Yet we seem to get lost because we try to get there on our own.  Jesus invites his listeners, that day on the mountain and today as we meet, reflect and act, to find a source of regenerative power, redeeming creativity and loving presence in relationship with the living God of the universe.  Whether we call it prayer, spiritual discipline, meditation, reflection or something else - it's admitting that we are not the center, that we need a higher power, a deeper love, a wiser word to move us, heal us, orient us, and shape us.

Here's - what I found helpful - a short reflection video inviting to the practice of prayer from youtube to help you as you journey with this question and challenge of prayer and spiritual discipline.  I've also found a great daily prayer practice page (Sacred Space) that I tend to use to help center me.

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