Tuesday, February 05, 2008


If you don't know where to vote today in the election
here are some links to local county registrar of voters sites
that you can use to find your polling place.


Contra Costa



San Francisco

San Mateo

All of California (sorted by county)

Also couldn't resist a shameless plug for my candidate.


philo said...

Hey Monte! I found your blog a couple months back when Westminster Woods linked to it during the Playground Build. Been meaning to drop you a note.

I saw Obama last night here in Boston at a rally with Kennedy and Kerry. Got to shake Obama's hand too! I'm really glad I got a chance to see him speak -- esp. at this point in the election and with so much at stake.

I really don't know what to hope for today, but Obama's campaign has resuscitated my faith in the ideals of American democracy (a faith that was all but dead after these Bush years).

In any event, I enjoy reading your blog and your Christian style. Be well!

tom carroll

Monte said...


how fun to hear from you? how is life in boston? are you still working on your phd or already teaching at harvard?

i feel hopeful today as well. not many folks have voted as of 12:30pm at my home precinct (about 60) and the one at our church (about 100). Of course that's just those 2 precincts. i'm eager to see what emerges now and through november.

are you on facebook?

philo said...

Hi Monte,

Life in Boston is good. Alas, I am not already teaching at Harvard! But it looks like I will finally graduate from BU this spring. Then, I see about a job.

Not on facebook, etc, but maybe someday I'll get with that. I may, however, be contacted via gmail at

Would enjoy catching up!

I'm also playing with the idea of joining the ranks of bloggers such as yourself...Don't know if I'm serious about it though. It seems like quite a commitment if you're going to keep it interesting and current!