Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Monteskewed Moving Soon to a New Blog Site

I'm working on creating a new blog on a different url.  I'll be moving in the next few weeks.  As I'm working I'm imagining that I'll blog about the following things:

Oakland Public Schools or Raising a child in a Public Urban School
Foodie Things
Urban Gardening
Blogging Towards Sunday through Scripture
Reflections on the Church in the 21st century

If you read the blog what do you like?  Is there something else that I should include, or maybe something I should eliminate?


Gene said...

The list looks good to me. I just think you should blog more often ;-)

Monte said...

Thanks Gene. Hopefully the new site will help me to blog more often, or at least to get my blog posts from my brain to the keyboard to the www.

Susannah said...

i always love the bumperstickers. also love the oakland public school stuff.