Sunday, January 16, 2011

Living into the Dream by Remembering It

Thursday night around our dinner table we had a discussion trying to introduce who Martin Luther King Jr. was to our 6 year old.  At school they'd talked about it a bit.  The class was working on memorizing a poem.  Yet it was when we started talking about how life was when Dr. King was alive - who could and couldn't marry each other, which multi-racial members of the circle of our family and friends wouldn't be alive - and how folks rode buses, ate in restaurants, and that some of our kids' teachers wouldn't be allowed to teach them in a school - it was in the midst of the litany of how things used to be that a light bulb sort of illuminated.  Our children - in particular most children in an OUSD school - are living that dream as reality wether they know it or not, wether they call it every day life, or are able to grasp that it hasn't always been that way, and/or that it isn't necessarily that way throughout our city, nation or around the world.  The challenge in the teachings of Dr. King, which reflect the hope and experiential truth of the words and person of Jesus of Nazareth, aren't done.  We don't have far to look to see that we still are a house divided by race, gender, orientation, class and political perspectives.  Here are two videos I've seen online that are meaningful for today's active celebration of that dream, living into it through active remembering.

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