Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back into the blog and a new work gig

This week I started a new job, serving as pastor with the faith community of College Avenue Presbyterian Church in the Rockridge District of Oakland.  A congregation faithfully serving the city of Oakland for over 100 years, which began in the countryside and now is in the mix of the urban context of Oakland, and is seeking to articulate and facilitate the living out of faith in what is emerging as our 21st century context and culture.

I'm reconnecting with my Monteskewed blog which had been dormant for a while as I lived in France and blogged primarily in French at  I'm planning to reestablish the blog, doing what I did before - some writing on the practice of Christian faith and urban life, crazy city images, rantings and ravings and the expression of my sarcastic humor; as well as some soon to emerge new things, in particular aspects of life in and around Oakland.  If you have ideas or suggestions please be sure to share them with me through a comment.


dbanoff said...

Welcome back. I have been reading your too-infrequent posts, and I'm glad you'll be posting more often. I'm also glad you've found a pulpet in Oakland.

Thomas D. Carroll said...

Hi Monte. Welcome back to the States! Things are crazy as ever here...plenty of new material to blog about I am sure.

If I ever have the time, I want to read this book. I saw the author give a lecture at one point and thought it was excellent...Besides, in this depressed/depressing economy, some theological reflection on $$ is very timely.

Looking forward to the new blogging.

Monte said...

thanks you two for the well-wishes. it's nice to be back blogging here. looking forward to future online discussions.

Deborah Brooks said...

So let us know when we can use your gym! We used to play volleyball there on Saturdays.