Friday, February 12, 2010

Advertising & Faith

I read an interesting article in SF Gate this morning detailing a current ad campaign "good without God?" (now playing in and around Sacramento after previous stops elsewhere) that is "plugging" atheism.  The article is interesting.  The best part for me was to read the comments and see the inter-faith bickering, name-calling and fighting. It made me wonder: can you actually advertise faith, or non-faith?  Does it even matter, or reach anyone?  Or is it merely preaching to the choir and rallying the troops around the flag-pole?

Here's some of the billboards in and around Sactown.

The Methodists and the UCC have also toyed with a similar ad idea.

 I wonder if it really speaks to anyone, or are we so inundated with advertising and publicity that we tune it all out. I mean did any of the beer-slugging, underwear-wearing ads during the Super Bowl actually get people to follow through on something that they don't already purchase, consume or follow?  Is faith something you can advertise?

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