Monday, May 04, 2009

Are iPhones replacing baby-sitters?

I ran across this great article about how many modern toddles are using iPhones easily and often for learning and entertainment. iPhone apps are tempting even to 3 year olds. Ironic as the first thing shouted when I get my children into the car isn't "shot-gun" but "can I have your phone?" Our youngest goes so far as to say that driving in the car without a phone to play with is too boring. Maybe we're entitling our 4 year old, or maybe something is changing in our culture.

My wife and I went for dinner the night before I read this article in Rockridge. The first thing we saw upon entering the restaurant was a 6 year-old-ish girl
playing on an iPhone while the adults she was eating with enjoyed the dinner not-yet-half-eaten on their plates, while the child's plate had already been cleaned off. Maybe it's irony, maybe it's confirmation of changes in and around us.

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Elena said...

Amazing! The Today Show this morning was showing off toddler Leap Frog Blackberries. It looked a lot like a blackberry (shape and design) with games for the kiddos. I suppose it's good to work the angle that gets kids attention, but such an amazing shift in culture.