Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Top 10 Lattes in the East Bay

I'm an addict. I freely admit that I drink on average between 3-5 lattes a day. A double is my poison of choice. I had an near buddha-like enlightment experience enjoying lattesque perfection today so thought I'd share my top 10 latte list.

1. Hands down best double latte: Espresso Roma in Berkeley (Ashby & College). Best foam, great roast, fantastic outdoor seating. Super delectable baked goods too. And Sierra Nevada on tap.

2. Peet's Coffee in the Dimond: My fav place to hang with a double latte (nearly a tie with Roma).

3. Cafe Fanny in Berkeley (San Pablo & Cedar): Ok it's actually a cafe au lait but it's as mean as any double latte. Great food. Cool outside seating.

4. World Ground in the Laurel on MacArthur: great coffee, nice local artwork, a fantastic community-center vibe. Plus free wifi.

5. Caffe Diem in the Dimond (MacArthur & Fruitvale Ave) (twins with Gaylord's on Piedmont): Great Coffee. Could have better service and more seating.

6. Zocalo's in San Leandro: good coffee, nice tables - free wifi. Plus where else can you drink coffee and watch people excercise in an adjoining workout space?

7. Peet's Coffee in Montclair: great coffe, fantastic people (and often dog) watching in the midst of the crowd outside on the bench.

8. Ultimate Grounds (Park Blvd in Oakland): good coffee. The best is the secret outdoor seating in the back.

9. Cafe Galleria (Redwood Road @ 580, near Safeway): Ok the coffee is not really that good. The people are nice. And the view is amazing. Go in the early afternoon when it's slow and get a window seat.

10. Starbucks at the Airport Business Park (Hegenberger @ 880, near Walmart). Starbucks coffee - and this is the SAFEST CAFE IN OAKLAND as there seems to always be at least 2 police cars in the parking lot and cops enjoying some joe.

BEST PLACE I'VE NOT TRIED: Pizzaiolo: I've been there for dinner (YUM!) but never made it for their coffee and pastries in the morning.

MOST HONORABLE MENTION: My Breville 800 with which I start each and every day. This actually is my favorite, the one I drink from the most..but my list was of cafes. Brews a great one every time.


Anonymous said...

If you're ever in Portland, be sure to check out Stumptown coffee!! It's AMAZING. I love this list!

Leila Abu-Saba said...

Dude, you deserve one of those home espresso machines. For real. I don't own one but I've visited people who have one in house. They are fun although high maintenance.

Even if you drank 3 home lattes a day, you could still have one out to feed your social butterfly nature; the machine would pay for itself in about a month I'm sure. 4 lattes a day? That's a lot of $$$

Would the congregation think you'd shown your true colors as a too-casual BoHo if you got a machine for the church kitchen? Hmmmmm. Just think, a 2 pound bag o beans from Farmer Joe's, some milk, the machine, and you're in business. I would totally donate $ for you to get one of these for your office.

Deep Thoughts from Deep Run said...

You are crazy for coffee!

blgidney said...

You must try Cole Coffee on College (across from the Safeway... Near Claremont). When ever we are coming back to Piedmont from Alta Bates we stop. They do the single cup grind, with the single cup cone filter drip. I admit I get a little excited when on scene with a patient and they request Alta Bates in Berkeley and I start thinking about Cole on the way home.